12 Week Year: Week 2 of 12

It’s the second week of 2021! How are you guys holding up? I hope you’re still hustling and going for your goals.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m following the 12 Week Year to achieve my 2021 goals. Its objective is to shorten the year (52 weeks, 365 days) to 12 weeks to be able to do more. At first, you may think it’s counterintuitive, but when you understand the reason, you’ll realize it has a point. Think about Parkinson’s Law: work expands to fill the allotted time. The more time you have to finish a task, the longer it will take you. If you want a detailed explanation of the concept, you can read the full blog post here.

Weekly Scorecard



  • Scanned my IDs
  • Submitted my IDs to Grab PH
  • Paid my memorial plan
  • Worked 40 hours (even more!)
  • Wrote a non-update blog post: 9 Ways Reading Can Change Your Life
  • Shared storybook ideas with my project manager
  • Created Go for the Goals Facebook Page: Please like Go for the Goals on Facebook
  • Wrote Week 2 of 12 blog update: (Yes, you’re reading it right now!)
  • Paid my credit card
  • Walked 4/5 days: (5th walk will be tomorrow!)

Didn’t get to do the following:

  • Start the children’s storybook draft
  • Create 90 images for Instagram and Facebook: I only created 30.

Did the following but were not in my to-do list:

  • Delivered Fiverr order 1
  • Delivered Fiverr order 2

Challenges & Solutions


Week 2’s challenges included distractions and unplanned tasks. After I got back home on Wednesday, I spent a few hours lazing around and cleaning my room. I still went back to working in the evening, but I no longer had time to create 30 images. Plus I received two different orders on Fiverr, both were due on Friday.

On Thursday, everything was going well, but I took 20-minute naps every 1-2 hours of working. I napped not because I’m lazy, but because my brain needed a quick recharge. I was writing metadata for 30 tea products! My creative juices were drying out, so I napped from time to time. It’s the napping that made me work until the evening. Work included my first Fiverr order.

Today, Friday, I’m worked until 9:30 PM (with 1-2 hours break for rest, dinner, and exercise). I also delivered my second Fiverr order.


The solution is simple though — finish the remaining tasks on Saturday! Technically speaking, Saturday is still part of Week 2 (January 10-January 16).

Adding buffer days is one of the most important things I learned as a project manager. Even if you’re confident you can meet the deadline, you’ll never know what will happen in the coming weeks. Always leave buffer days, so you can still catch up and get the work done before its deadline.


Last week, I feared that I may be motivated because it was just the start of the year, but I was wrong. I’m motivated because of the system I am following now. In fact, I’ve already written down my Week 3 to-dos! I usually plan my week on Sundays, but well, someone’s motivated!

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12 Week Year: Week 2 of 12

6 thoughts on “12 Week Year: Week 2 of 12

  1. Everyday is one step at a time. My grandfather used to say “don’t try to fill 10 buckets at once, one bucket at a time” . I understand that now more than ever.

  2. I like the method! Glad that it is keeping you motivated! The feeling of accomplishment is the best motivator! Breaking it down like this is super helpful because it can be super overwhelming!

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