12 Week Year: Week 5 of 12

Week 5 of 12 Week Year

I can’t believe I’m blogging consistently! One of my goals for this 12 Week Year was to write 12 blog posts. Right now, you’re reading my 9th postand it’s just Week 5!

If you’re new to my blog, I’m following the 12 Week Year to achieve my 2021 goals. Its objective is to shorten the year (52 weeks, 365 days) to 12 weeks to be able to do more. At first, you may think it’s counterintuitive, but when you understand the reason, you’ll realize it has a point. Think about Parkinson’s Law: work expands to fill the allotted time. The more time you have to finish a task, the longer it will take you. If you want a detailed explanation of the concept, you can read the full blog post here.

Weekly Scorecard



From 50% weekly score last week, I’m at 85%!

I crossed out the following on my to-do list…

  • Sent invoices to clients
  • Scheduled my February 6 checkup
  • Paid the Internet bill
  • Wrote Week 5 post (this one!)
  • Finalized my LinkedIn “About Me” section

Didn’t get to do the following…

  • Write a non-weekly update blog post

However, I did get to do non-goal related tasks like…

  • Created my freelancer Instagram account
  • Created content for my freelancer Instagram account
  • Finished 5 SkillShare Courses

Challenges & Solutions

I can say Week 5 went smoothly, but if it really did, how come I didn’t cross out all my to-dos?

Well, I’m working on another project (my freelancer Instagram account) that was not in my original 12 Week Year goals. I’m not adding it as a new goal because I consider it as part of my work, and not a personal goal.

So, the challenge for Week 5 is to balance doing work and my personal goals. How do I do this?

I need to be strict and stick with my daily tasks, so I finish all the tasks that will help me in reaching my goals!


It’s only my first 12 Week Year, but I can see increase in productivity already. My execution may not be perfect, but I’m getting there! The 12 Week Year has helped me become more focused on my goals.

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12 Week Year: Week 5 of 12

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