12 Week Year: Week 8 of 12

Now on Week 8! Four more weeks ’til I finish my first official 12 Week Year.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m following the 12 Week Year to achieve my 2021 goals. Its objective is to shorten the year (52 weeks, 365 days) to 12 weeks to be able to do more. At first, you may think it’s counterintuitive, but when you understand the reason, you’ll realize it has a point. Think about Parkinson’s Law: work expands to fill the allotted time. The more time you have to finish a task, the longer it will take you. If you want a detailed explanation of the concept, you can read the full blog post here.

Weekly Scorecard



This week has the lowest score so far! Out of the five things I should be doing, I only accomplished three.

I wasn’t able to…

  • Write a blog post about “Focus”
  • Create pins for my past posts

Challenges & Solutions

I work on my blog in the evening, but this week has been hectic. I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon (and was tired by the time I got back; plus I had family dinner on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Managing my time has been challenging, but I’m always trying out new things to get things done.

12 Week Year: Week 8 of 12

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