6 Things I Learned When I Worked With a Success Mindset Coach

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Success Mindset Coach

People say that having a coach is a good investment, but I never thought it was for me. For me, coaches are no different from self-help authors like Robin Sharma or Brian Tracy. So why hire someone, when you can reread a guru’s book over and over again?

Free Bootcamp: Thrive in Your Business

One day as I was browsing Facebook, I saw an invitation (on facebook group) for a free 14-Day Challenge to Overcome Self-Doubt and Fear of Failure. The moment I saw the title, I knew it was for me. The bootcamp was going to be hosted by a woman named Greta Konstantine. I didn’t know who she was, but I still signed up.

The Experience

I wasn’t able to make it for the first few days of the bootcamp because of timezone difference. Fortunately, Greta adjust the schedule to allow participants from different timezones to join. Originally it was 12 midnight here, but it was changed to 10 PM. Even though the schedule is late, it was still worth it.

The bootcamp lasted for 14 days with participants from different countries, from the Philippines to Jamaica to the United States. Even if it was just 30 minutes a day, it was enough because it was not only Greta who shared her wisdom. The other ladies shared theirs, too! I remember telling them about my confidence concerns or my fear of being judged, and they all gave their two cents. The thing I dislike most about sharing concerns is that (some) people have a tendency to take the spotlight and share their similar concerns. With the group, it was different. They shared their ideas. They were there to lift me up. It was a women supporting women moment.

The bootcamp wasn’t a contest, but there were prizes. Luckily, I won a 90-minute one-on-one call with Greta. Even if I had not won, finishing the bootcamp and meeting amazing women was enough to consider it as a win.

Things I Learned From Working With A Success Midnset Coach

1. There are different types of coaches.

Coaches are different. There are accountability coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, and leadership coaches, Each business coach has his/her own expertise, focus, and approach. Greta was a success mindset coach, which was exactly what I needed.

2. Your coach is not your friend.

No matter how friendly you coach is, he/she is not your friend. Your coach is not a friend you can share your business concerns with. He/She is there for a reason and that is to guide you in the right direction. This person will not solve your problems but instead will guide you in finding the solutions. (But now that I’m done working with Greta, I know she’s my friend!)

3. There’s no unbiased opinion.

Again, your coach is not your friend. Most friends will tell you what you want to hear but not what you need to hear. Your coach is not there to patronize you. He/She will be upfront and tell you the truth, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. During my coaching with Greta, I remember telling her that I don’t want to be visible. I prefer to stay behind the scenes. She dug deeper to know why I like it that way and why I should go out in the world, even if people will judge me. So, yes, what you will hear is an objective opinion.

4. Your coach is a high-level accountability partner.

A coach is like your accountability partner, but with higher stakes. I’m using the term high-level not because you pay for your coach’s services; I’m using it because a coach’s approach is different. To make it easier to understand, let me explain it in this analogy: You have a friend who lost 10 lbs in three months. Wanting to lose weight yourself, you asked your friend how she did it. She tells you the different YouTube workout videos she followed and the food she ate. Now, consider hiring a fitness trainer. He will assess your needs and create a program tailored to your needs. Do you see the difference between the two? Your friend (accountability partner) is there to share her experiences on how she solved her problem while your fitness trainer (coach) will guide you into finding the right solution for your problem. It’s about solving her problem and solving your problem. If you want to know more about having a regular accountability partner, read here.

5. Go the extra mile for better results.

Coaches have different packages from 90-minute calls to 6-week packages. I started with the 14-day bootcamp and got the chance to have a 90-minute one-on-one call with Greta. To extend the coaching, we decided to break it down to three 30-minute calls every Wednesday. The 90-minute call somehow became a 180-minute call because of the check-ins. The longer I worked with Greta, the more it helped me. If you plan to hire a coach, choose the longest package he/she has because entrepreneurship is a journey, and you need a good companion.

6. You’ll learn how to make ideas into a reality.

No matter how many reasons you have for not doing something, it’s your coach who will make you realize that these are just excuses. I mentioned above that I want to stay behind the scenes, but because of my coaching with Greta, I’m slowly working on getting more visible.

After Coaching…

It’s been two months since I finished my coaching session, I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m headed there. It may be a slow progress for me, but 1% each day will sill bring results.


Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, having a coach will help you move forward. For coaching to be effective, remember to choose a coach that fits your needs. If you think your mindset is something you have to work on, take a look at Greta’s corner at Intermind Hub.

6 Things I Learned When I Worked With a Success Mindset Coach

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