Author: Mica

What’s New: Go for the Goals Update

It’s the second quarter of 2021, and I’m laying low on setting big goals this quarter… simply because I’m due to give birth on June 21, 2021 — just 48 days to go! I haven’t really written about my pregnancy in this blog because I’m a private person, but now, I’m writing about it. I […]

How to Focus in The Age of Distraction

FOCUS. I’m challenging you to read this short post without getting distracted. Let’s talk about FOCUS. Focus is your ability to pay attention on one thing and ignoring all distractions. Lack of focus can derail you from achieving your goal. Instead of spending your energy on a single goal, you divide it into different tasks […]

Like Learning New Things? Then You’ll Love SkillShare

“Why should I subscribe to SkillShare if I can study these topics for free on YouTube? It’s not worth it.” That was what I said three years ago when my 14-day free trial on SkillShare was about to expire. I was working as an English educational materials writer, but the industry felt restricting. If I […]

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