Delayed Gratification: Don’t Put Off Living While Trying to Reach Your Goals

Would you rather eat one marshmallow now? Or wait for a few minutes then get eat another one? Yes, it’s the famous Marshmallow Test done in 1972. The experiment teaches us the rewards of delayed gratification. Practicing delayed gratification is resisting instant pleasure and holding out until you get something better (like two pieces of […]

New Quarter, New Goals: Ending The Year Strong

I’m sharing my new goals for the new quarter, but I want to look back on what I’ve achieved from January-September: ★ I uploaded a Skillshare course, which was later closed by the platform because I, unknowingly, violated their policy. I’ll be uploading a new one soon! ★ I created a account under my […]

How a Full-time Mom Can Achieve Her Personal Goals

People always say “being a mom is a full-time job.” …and I never realized how true it is until I became a mom myself! No matter how supportive your partner is, they can only do so much because they don’t have boobs to breastfeed the baby. When I say full-time, it doesn’t mean that one […]

Like Learning New Things? Then You’ll Love SkillShare

“Why should I subscribe to SkillShare if I can study these topics for free on YouTube? It’s not worth it.” That was what I said three years ago when my 14-day free trial on SkillShare was about to expire. I was working as an English educational materials writer, but the industry felt restricting. If I […]

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