What’s it like to have epilepsy?

What is it like to live with a chronic illness? Chronic sounds too dire, and I never thought I had one until I Googled “list of chronic illnesses.” What do I have? I have epilepsy, and it’s classified as a chronic illness. I’ve been living with epilepsy for almost a decade now, and it wasn’t […]

12 Week Year: Week 1 of 12

Happy New Year! I’ve been missing in action since December because of life dramas. Thankfully, these were resolved before the holidays! I got to enjoy our Christmas celebration and New Year’s Eve celebration worry-free! Because the holidays are over, I’m back to working 40 hours per week and updating my blog. This year, I’m following […]

5 Lessons This Year Taught Us

Life is unpredictable, just like how this year has been for everyone around the world. I like setting goals every year, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Maybe like me, the year you had planned out did not come to fruition because of the lockdown. That’s okay though, things happen, but we have […]

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