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How to Earn Money Online: 4 Hustles for Beginners

Earn money online in this pandemic! The pandemic caused a great deal of loss: loss of socialization, loss of vacation, loss of money, loss of jobs, and loss of lives. One of my jobs put my contract on hold because their clients paused operations as well. I didn’t worry when they paused my contract because […]

How to be Successful as Fvck

Everybody wants to succeed in life like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and who else? Kylie Jenner, maybe. The question is — how do you become successful? Before knowing how, let’s define success first: Cambridge Dictionary defines success as “the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.” The definition is crystal clear–success is […]

Investing in Yourself: 5 Life-Changing Activities

Investing in yourself brings higher ROI or return of investments than any other financial investments you’ll make. The world’s most famous–if not the greatest–investor, Warrant Buffet, said “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” Warren Buffet considers his $100 Dale Carnegie Public Speaking course the best investment he has made. If it weren’t […]

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