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What’s it like to have epilepsy?

What is it like to live with a chronic illness? Chronic sounds too dire, and I never thought I had one until I Googled “list of chronic illnesses.” What do I have? I have epilepsy, and it’s classified as a chronic illness. I’ve been living with epilepsy for almost a decade now, and it wasn’t […]

5 Lessons This Year Taught Us

Life is unpredictable, just like how this year has been for everyone around the world. I like setting goals every year, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Maybe like me, the year you had planned out did not come to fruition because of the lockdown. That’s okay though, things happen, but we have […]

How Much Is Your Sanity Worth?

This is not a typical evergreen post, but I just want to share it with everyone. My Busy October Story It’s been almost a month since I wrote about preparing for retirement. I’ve been away because I took on another client–my fourth one–to add to my income. The pay was good, and I liked what […]

What I Gained From 33 Days of Meditation

I learned about meditation during my first year of college. Our Psychology 101 professor included a meditation retreat in the list of activities. Students who can’t come were required to research meditation using books alone, no Internet references. I thought to myself meditation may help me control stress, thus reducing the chance of having seizure […]

Investing in Yourself: 5 Life-Changing Activities

Investing in yourself brings higher ROI or return of investments than any other financial investments you’ll make. The world’s most famous–if not the greatest–investor, Warrant Buffet, said “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” Warren Buffet considers his $100 Dale Carnegie Public Speaking course the best investment he has made. If it weren’t […]

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