How a Full-time Mom Can Achieve Her Personal Goals

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People always say “being a mom is a full-time job.” …and I never realized how true it is until I became a mom myself! No matter how supportive your partner is, they can only do so much because they don’t have boobs to breastfeed the baby. When I say full-time, it doesn’t mean that one is giving all her time to her kid/s. How long or short the time spent with kids is, it’s hard work that’s why we call it full-time.

Time is a Luxury for a Full-time Mom

Before giving birth, I didn’t expect how much time I’ll lose. Time is a luxury for moms. I only have a 3-month old daughter, and I feel like I lack time. I can only imagine how challenging it is for moms with multiple kids.
I try to be as productive as I can when she’s asleep or when she’s being taken care of by her dad. I’m writing this post on my phone, lying sideways with my sleeping baby’s cheek pressed on my left boob. That’s how hard I’m trying to do all the things I want and need to do.

Working and Taking Care of the Baby

Since I got back to work, I decreased my work hours by two. Instead of working eight hours, I work six hours. You can say that it’s one of the perks of freelancing — work as much or as little as you want to. But even if I work six hours daily, I still find it hard to get things done.


Let me take you into my world as a full-time mom, working part-time:

I wake up between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM—the time when my fiance sleeps. If the little one is still sleeping, I start working at once. I get some time to work alone. Once my little one wakes up, around 7:30 AM, I breastfeed her, but work doesn’t stop. While breastfeeding her, I use Google Desktop Remote to navigate my laptop and continue working. I know breastfeeding is bonding time, but hey, momma’s gotta earn money, too!

After breastfeeding, I work while playing or talking to her. Can’t imagine how I do it? Picture a mom sitting on the bed with a hospital feeding table on the side of the bed and a baby on the bed. That’s me!
My little one is predictable, she only wants three things in her life right now: milk, diaper change, or sleep. If she cries an hour and a half after waking up, it can only mean diaper change or nap time. A quick check on her diaper will tell me if it’s the latter. If she’s sleepy, I carry her and walk back and forth in the room with Gabriella Bee’s Obladi, Oblada on repeat (until she falls asleep).

Now that she’s asleep, I sit on the computer chair, reposition the hospital-like table to face the chair, put my legs up on the bed—all while the little one is sleeping on my chest. Our pediatrician doesn’t recommend this sleeping position because she’ll get used to it, and it’ll be harder for us when she’s bigger (and heavier). Oops… What did I get myself into?

This naptime gives me another hour or two to work. Being a content writer, it isn’t easy to write freely because writing becomes a hunt and peck since my right hand is on my laptop and the left one is supporting my baby’s back. If I need an article submitted that day, I would have to wait for 5-6 hours ’til my fiance wakes up and takes over.

And… All that is from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It’s a cycle: wake up, work, breastfeed, play with baby, put to nap, work, breastfeed, play with baby.

If I go through everything I do the whole day, this article would be too long. Why am I sharing this with you though?
I’m sharing it to tell you that you can still achieve your goals even with a baby!

How to Work on Your Goals When You’re a Full-time Mom

1. Focus on one thing: You may want to do a lot of things, but unfortunately, you can’t. Your priority is your baby, and your goal comes second. Set one goal at a time.

2. Ask for some free time from your partner (or someone who helps you take care of the baby): Tell this person that you just need one to two hours to work on your goals.

3. Do “minor” things while breastfeeding: This may not be for everyone. You may prefer to bond with your baby instead of doing “minor” things like reading, watching a movie, or browsing on social media.

4. Make the most of your time while the little one is asleep: Need I say more? Take advantage of this time!

5. Keep your eyes on the prize: Whatever your personal goal is, know that it benefits your baby as well.

If you’re a mom and can relate to this, share some productivity hacks in the comment section!

How a Full-time Mom Can Achieve Her Personal Goals

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