How Much Is Your Sanity Worth?

Sanity Over Money

This is not a typical evergreen post, but I just want to share it with everyone.

My Busy October Story

It’s been almost a month since I wrote about preparing for retirement. I’ve been away because I took on another client–my fourth one–to add to my income.

The pay was good, and I liked what I was doing.

The first two weeks were okay. I juggled four clients and worked about 10-12 hours daily. I attended daily team meetings with my new client from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Everything was okay, not great, but tolerable. After all, I was doing this for my future.

I started to lose my sanity in the third week. No matter how hard I tried, I never seemed to meet the client’s demands. I’m good at what I do, but the job wasn’t for me.

The daily meetings were rescheduled at 9:00 AM. I woke up at 6:30 AM each day and with heavy heart, I immediately start working — far from my usual morning routine. Then, my client decided that we’ll have a 1-on-1 meeting at 11:00 PM to review my progress. And then the cycle would continue…

I wanted to quit–scratch that–I needed to quit. I slept late and work up early. It wasn’t healthy physically and mentally. Plus, I was losing time for writing.

In my almost-fifth week, I decided that I would tell them of my intent to resign. I would finish my project, and after that, I’ll leave. However, my boyfriend told me not to do it on a Monday, since Monday is the first day of the week and not all people are in a good mood. I can do it the next day, Tuesday.

Come Monday, I had my 11:00 PM meeting and guess what…I was fired. Fired is a strong word as my client fired me in a kind manner. The last meeting went well, I shed a few tears because duh, I got fired.

Though it sucked that I was fired before I got the chance to resign, the bright side is that I’m free. The morning after I was fired, I had the luxury of waking up as late as I want to (that’s 7:00 AM!) without worrying about anything.

Sanity Above Everything Else

No matter how much you’re earning from your job or business, if you’re losing your sanity, know that it’s not worth it. Your mental health and physical health are not worth losing because of money. Quitting does not make you a quitter. Quitting shows that you’re brave–brave enough to let go of things that must go.

How Much Is Your Sanity Worth?

4 thoughts on “How Much Is Your Sanity Worth?

  1. YES. You are so right~ I am blessed to be able to take a little time to build the business I want for the life I want but that won’t be the case forever! We all hit our moments and I’m so glad to see you blogging!

  2. Hey there!
    Your article is amazing and motivating.
    It’s human nature to feel disgruntled over things that aren’t within our control, we just need to let it go. We are never programmed to meet everyone’s expectations. We just have to leave things that aren’t within our control.

  3. completely agree that if you are losing your sanity, no matter how much you earn isn’t worth it.
    don’t worry about getting fired.
    if something is taken away from you, there is always a better one is waiting for you.
    thanks for this hope filled post.

  4. “I’m good at what I do, but the job wasn’t for me.” I love that you said this! I recently took leave from a very similar situation in the field of teaching. I know I am a good teacher, but it was killing me little by little every day. I felt like I just wasn’t myself anymore, and I knew that I had to leave and find something else to do that could restore my spirit. Sometimes I feel bad, though, for leaving a job that I know I am good at. Thank you for the encouragement today! I always need it! 🙂

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