How to Earn Money Online: 4 Hustles for Beginners

Lady earning money online.
How to Earn Money Online

Earn money online in this pandemic! The pandemic caused a great deal of loss: loss of socialization, loss of vacation, loss of money, loss of jobs, and loss of lives. One of my jobs put my contract on hold because their clients paused operations as well. I didn’t worry when they paused my contract because I had another client. I’ve learned early on, that a freelancer’s, job security lies in the number of clients he/she has.

To help others who lost their jobs in this pandemic, I’m sharing four ways on how you can earn money online.

You may be asking: “Why four ways only? There are tons of ways to earn money online! I agree with you! I even read one post that shared 101 ways of earning money online. For the time being, I’m sharing four ways because these are the things I did when I got started. These are beginner-friendly ideas that you can start after you read this post.

Four Ways to Earn Money Online

For some, online hustling is an additional income, but for others, working online is a fulltime job–that includes me! I’m a fulltime online hustler! I spend at least 10 hours in front of the computer; it’s tiring but at least I work in the comfort of my home. Let’s get started with the hustles you can do:

1. Teach English Online:

This was my first hustle. I’m a professionally-trained teacher, but you don’t have to be one. Explaining language concepts in a way that students can understand suffices. Usually, online tutorial companies do demo lessons to check whether you have what it takes to teach. If you do, you get accepted and undergo training. What’s great about this is you can schedule your teaching time. You don’t have to teach from 9 AM to 5 PM.

I quit teaching English online in 2018 because it wasn’t a good fulltime job for me. I would have to work for 60 hours per week to earn the same amount I earned in my corporate job. But don’t get me wrong, there are others who teach the whole day, and they enjoy it!

2. Sell your services as a freelancer:

I left the English industry in 2018 because I wanted to increase my marketability. The English industry can be quite restrictive. Even though English is my passion, I didn’t want to stay stuck there forever. I wanted to learn skills that are transferable from one industry to another, so I studied SEO. When I left, I didn’t immediately get an SEO job. I got a freelance work as a researcher. This then opened my eyes to the world of digital marketing… and opened more opportunities. Freelancers usually get paid by the hour, which means you earn based on the number of hours you work. You control how much you earn. Work less, earn less. Work more, earn more. If you’re lucky, you get a client who pays a fixed amount for a fixed number of hours. If I wanted to earn more, I can work longer hours, but I don’t do it. Since I believe in living a balanced lifestyle, I work for 8 hours only, but I earn more!

3. Sell gigs on

Gig is Fiverr’s term for an individual’s services. This hustle has a similar concept as number 2—you sell your labor. However, the gigs you can sell don’t have to be serious. It can be as fun as “I’ll crack an egg on my head while singing happy birthday to your friend!” I’ve been on Fiverr for six months, and I’ve earned $30 without marketing! I know it’s not much, but it’s a good, unexpected income. I do my regular 9-5 freelancing and the next thing I know, the Fiverr app on my phone notifies me that I have an order. Not bad, right?

Fiverr is a good income supplement, but some people earn a lot from it that one man was able to buy his own house because of his gigs.

I have digital marketing-related gigs on Fiverr, but I’m starting new coaching gigs for Go for the Goals, soon! Stay tuned.

4. Sell your things online:

If you want to earn extra, you can sell money online! You’re not just earning, you’re also clearing out clutter. You can also buy items on sale and resell them at a higher value. I know entrepreneurs who started with this path. They sold old things and items on sale and then moved on to starting their own private label. I’m still a small-time seller, but who knows? Maybe in time, I’ll have my own private label, too!


You can earn money from the Internet in countless ways, but these are the four hustles that I highly recommend for beginners. All you need to get started is yourself and your skills. These are the hustles that you can use to supplement your income and build your emergency fund. I’m still working on other Internet-related hustles, and I’ll be writing another post about it next time.

How to Earn Money Online: 4 Hustles for Beginners

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    1. Hey, Haeri! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wrote this post specifically for beginners because my friends have been asking me how to earn online. Good luck!

  1. Great post! There’s so many different ways to earn money online, so I always love reading about new ideas. I’ve seen some of my friends teach english online, but never thought about it myself, great add!

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