I’m Still Going for the Goals!

This blog, has again, been revived! My last post was on May 4, 2021. I wrote about the changes that will happen in this blog such as the focus of this blog and the content I’ll be creating. You can What’s New: Go for the Goals Update to know what I’m talking about. I’ve been absent since then because… I gave birth! I didn’t write about my pregnancy because I keep life-changing events like that private. But now that I’ve given birth, the secret’s out in the open — literally and figuratively!

To Work or Not to Work

When my belly was growing bigger, and I was starting to get lazier, I told my fiance I wouldn’t stop working even after giving birth. As an independent career woman, I cannot fathom spending all day long taking care of my baby. I was scared of losing myself in motherhood like the other moms I know who spend their days watching Korean dramas.

Six weeks after giving birth, I had to face reality and start working again. I dreaded it. I didn’t want to go back to work, but I need money (who doesn’t?). But I can’t bear the thought of not giving my baby my full attention. That’s when I realized stay-at-home moms are lucky… and that I really need passive income.

I Wasted Time for Nothing

I’m not someone who holds on to regrets, but I regret that when life was easier and my time was all mine, I didn’t work on my money-generating ideas. I had all the time but wasted them. Now, I have to juggle taking care of my baby, work, and the ideas I mentioned earlier. Lesson learned: Don’t waste your time! Thinking “I deserve a break” is a joke. Do you really deserve a break if you didn’t make a progress on your goals?

New Normal Challenge

My new normal isn’t wearing a mask wherever I go; My new normal is working on my goals while taking care of my baby. Yes, I’m a mom, but nope, this isn’t going to be another mom blog. The focus will still be on my journey as I work on my goals.

I’m Still Going for the Goals!

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