Impossible List

You may be wondering what the impossible list is; it’s a list of things that seems impossible to do. The impossibility of doing these things is supposed to challenge you into actually doing them. In contrast with a bucket list, the impossible list is a growing list of the things you want to accomplish. This concept was thought of by Joel Runyon.

In one way, this is a list of life goals and the goals that I set every 12 weeks depend on this impossible list.

Ultimate Life List

  • Live in the province
  • Start homesteading (after early retirement)


  • Be free from seizure attacks or even aura for a year
  • Be a Certified Personal Trainer or Pilates instructor
  • Finish a Spartan Race
  • Start a 365-day pullups challenge


  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Diversify my investments
  • Retire before 50 (hopefully in 10 years!)
  • Start a gym business
  • Create a podcast/YouTube channel about personal finance
  • Quit 9-5 and replace it with a business

Community & Service

  • Help fellow people with epilepsy live a happy and positive lifestyle


  • Finish reading all books listed here
  • Have 1000 active readers in this blog
  • Have the apartment units renovated
  • Drink warm lemon water for 30 days every morning
  • Watch 20 hours worth of SkillShare classes in one week
  • Meditate for an accumulated 168 hours

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