Investing in Yourself: 5 Life-Changing Activities

Investing in Yourself: 5 Life-Changing Activities

Investing in yourself brings higher ROI or return of investments than any other financial investments you’ll make. The world’s most famous–if not the greatest–investor, Warrant Buffet, said “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Warren Buffet considers his $100 Dale Carnegie Public Speaking course the best investment he has made. If it weren’t for the course, as he said, he wouldn’t be where he is right now. 

He feared public speaking so much that when he  paid for the course, he didn’t show up.

Years later, when Buffet became a salesman of securities, he realized that he still needed to work on his public speaking skills. He signed up for the course again, but this time he showed up. He showed up every week until he overcame his fear.

This $100 course, as Buffet says, is the most important degree he has. He says that it’s the course that had the biggest impact in his success.

Investment Costs

If Buffet spent $100 for that course, should you spend that amount, too? No. You can invest in yourself without spending a dime. Putting the words “investing” and “without spending a dime” sounds paradoxical, but it’s possible.

Investments You Can Make for Yourself

The secret to getting a free investment is to make use of the available resources. And what’s that? It’s the Internet!

dumbbells, apple, tape measure
1. Exercise

This is the most important investment of all. If you don’t take care of your body, how are you going to work on your goals? The best part about exercising is it’s free, you can follow different Fitness Gurus on YouTube and you’re good to go. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can always spend a few bucks for a gym membership or fitness apps.

reading a book
2. Read books.

Books are probably the most affordable investments you can make. I’m a member of an Entrepreneur Book Club, and I asked them how much they spend on books each month; most of them spend $100 but others spend more. Spending as little (or as much as) $100 can make a great difference! If I hadn’t read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I wouldn’t have learned about investing in the stock market. Reading benefits you in different ways you wouldn’t expect.

taking an online course
3. Take online courses.

It’s simple — never stop learning. Continuous learning can help you in life. You wouldn’t want to get stuck as the same person you were years ago. There are many courses available online. You just have to make use of the resources. If you’re interested, you can learn check out Coursera, edX, udemy, or SkillShare.

joining groups
4. Join organizations or meetup groups.

If you want to learn and meet new people, join organizations or meetup groups. Organizations usually have one main objective, like in the case of Toastmasters International, their objective is to improve one’s public speaking skills. But guess what? When you join it, you’ll learn more than public speaking, you’ll learn leadership skills, time management skills, language skills, and you’ll also expand your network. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m a Toastmaster. I’ve been with my club for three years already.

If you’re already good in public speaking and want to explore other options, you can join groups on, some groups are free but others ask for a small membership fee. I know someone who has built his network and business because of attending meetups.

5. Travel

Probably the most expensive investment here, but traveling is a valuable experience that can change your life. You’ll learn many things and get exposed to different cultures. In some cases, you’ll also meet friends from other places. Traveling doesn’t have to be overseas, it can be in your own country, too. 


Investing in yourself can come in different ways, but I limited the post to the best five (for me). Now, take your time to think of the next investment you’ll make for yourself.

Investing in Yourself: 5 Life-Changing Activities

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