Is It Time to Quit Pursuing Your Goal?


I quit one of my goals this year, and I couldn’t be any more relieved.

I plan my annual goals a month or two before the new year starts; I thought I’ve carefully planned out my goals for 2021, but I didn’t.

Now, I’m removing write a children’s book from my 2021 goals.

I have no strong reason to continue with this project. Initially, I wanted to create a children’s book about famous failures, so children would learn about the power of perseverance and patience. However, I haven’t made any progress in the last few weeks.

Am I lazy? Or just not motivated enough to do it?

I’m thinking it’s the latter. Writing a children’s book would be easy for me since I write for a living, however, the process that comes after the writing part may not be worth it.

So, yes, I’m quitting on that goal.

Is it ironic that this blog is about going for the goals, but I’m quitting on a goal?


I’m telling you, it’s okay to quit a goal!

Reasons to Give Up on Your Goals

1. You don’t have a strong reason to continue it.

Monetary rewards, social validation, power, growth, and desire to win motivate us, but sometimes these are not enough to keep pursuing a goal.

2. You’re not excited by the goal (or by the process of achieving it).

Pursuing something that doesn’t excite you will lead to exhaustion and burn out. Even if you achieve the goal, you still won’t be happy.

3. You have changed.

At times, it’s you who have changed. The goals you set before are no longer aligned with your identity.

Benefits of Quitting

1. Frees up your mental energy.

Not progressing on your goal will create mental fatigue, but if you quit on a goal that’s not worth it, you’ll be relieved.

2. You can focus and concentrate on more meaningful goals.

You don’t have to work on different goals at the same time, thus allowing you to further your progress. Quitting a goal will leave you with goals worth pursuing.


I’m not encouraging you to quit on your goals when the going gets tough, what I’m trying to say is: know when to quit.

Tell me, is there a goal you need to quit today?

Is It Time to Quit Pursuing Your Goal?

2 thoughts on “Is It Time to Quit Pursuing Your Goal?

  1. Absolutely love this! Sometimes we have to realize just because we started doesn’t mean we have to continue. I have lost passion for a couple of projects over the last year and they take more than they give back. Wasted energy!

  2. This is great advice! I was just thinking about a goal I set last year and have made little progress on it. I decided it’s not the right time – maybe I’ll focus again on it in the future, or maybe I won’t. But now it frees up mind space and creativity to work on other stuff!

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