Make Your Dream a Reality With a Vision Board

Vision Board

Have you ever considered creating a vision board? I’m asking because I just created mine.

I first learned about vision boards from the documentary, The Secret. Even though I watched it back in early 2000, I didn’t create one.  I’ve been wanting to create one, but it seemed to be on the backburner. This year, I read The Complete Guide to Vision Boards which motivated me to *finally* create my own!

What’s a vision board?

To explain simply, a vision board is your dream board. It’s a collage of pictures of the things you want to happen or have in the future. Its objective is to provide clarity.

What’s the relation between a vision board and the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the concept of achieving your desires through intense focus. When you focus on your goals, the universe helps you achieve it.Similarly, when you create a vision board, you see your a visual representation of your dreams and not just in your head. Through this practice, the subconscious mind is programmed to work on the fulfillment of your goals.

Does it work?

Many personalities swear by the effectiveness of vision boards including the TV host Oprah, and the creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield. And you know, even if I recently created my vision board, I know it works!

My vision board story

I italicized the words because it wasn’t really a vision board, but it’s related to it. I was in my last year of high school when I experienced the power of a vision board and the law of attraction.

My goal was to study in the most prestigious university in the country. I believed in myself, but I wasn’t sure if it was enough for me to pass the admissions test.

Throughout the year, I wrote down my to-dos on a simple notepad with my dream university’s seal. Every time I wrote something and saw the seal, I thought of the school. I wasn’t thinking that I was studying there as if it’s true, but I thought of the school. The university was in my mind. Since I wrote down on the pad every day, the university was always in my mind.

Long story short, I took the admissions test on August 3, 2008 (I can clearly remember because it was my sister’s birthday). After six months, I got the news that I passed! And, yes, I graduated from my dream university!

The Caveats of Vision Boards

Having a vision board doesn’t guarantee success. Not because you see your goals every day doesn’t mean you’ll achieve them just by looking at them. You still have to put in the work and make an effort to achieve them.

Whenever you see your vision board, take a few seconds or minutes to reflect on it. If you don’t, the vision board becomes just a board with pictures.

How do you make a vision board?

Before creating your vision board, write down your life goals first. Write down goals for different life areas such as health, wealth, and relationships. It’s important to live a balanced life, so don’t be too focused on one area. 🙂

Method 1: Using a poster board and magazine cutouts

Things you need:

  • magazines
  • scissors
  • poster board
  • glue


Find pictures of things you desire from magazines, whether it’s a countryside home, a new sports car, or your own business. Cut them out, and glue them artistically on a poster board. If you don’t have magazines, you can always print out pictures you can get from the Internet.

Isn’t it easy?

Method 2: Using

Since I’ve used all my old magazines as last year’s Christmas gift wrappers, I decided to go virtual and use Canva. Using Canva is easy because all I had to do was to search for the key terms, and I can just choose the images I want.

You need:

Canva account (Canva Pro is optional)


  1. Determine the size/s you want. I customized my size to fit desktop and phone screen size.
Determine the size/s you want. I customized my size to fit desktop and phone screen size.

2. Go to Elements on the left tab, and search for grid. You’ll see different collage styles that you can use.

Go to Elements on the left tab, and search for grid. You'll see different collage styles that you can use.

3. Go to Photos and search for your dreams or goals. In this image, the goal is a house.

Go to Photos and search for your dreams or goals. In this image, the goal is a house.

4. Continue filling out the grids with your dreams.

And when you’re done creating your vision board, display it in a place that you always see. 🙂


It’s easy to create a vision board! But don’t forget to hustle to reach your goals as well. If you want to learn more about vision boards, I highly encourage reading  The Complete Guide to Vision Boards and watching The Secret.

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Make Your Dream a Reality With a Vision Board

17 thoughts on “Make Your Dream a Reality With a Vision Board

  1. wow! such a nice post.
    vision boards are highly effective in urging me to achieve my goals.
    on a personal note, I haven’t seen a simple, yet a clear description of what a vision board is.
    thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  2. Collection of goals from all the aspects of life is a good one
    Thanks good information , keep doing good work skin care products and remedies

  3. ou, I absolutely love visualizing and goal setting! It’s so important to get your thoughts out of your mind and in front of you! Only then can you truly create your imagination into reality! Thanks so much for this suggestion!!

  4. I love the idea of using canva for a vision board! One of the things that’s kept me away from making one is that I don’t like crafts, so doing it on canva is super smart! Love this post!

  5. I have also wanted to create a vision board. For some reason I just haven’t found the time. Your idea of creating vision board using Canva is absolutely the best! You can crap images from online magazines etc. Love the idea and I will make my vision board soon using Canva. Thank you for this inspiration!

  6. I need to hope on the vision board bandwagon. They seem like so much fun to make and see everyday. I love that you displayed how to make it in Canva. I do think I would invite some friends over, so we could all make one on a large poster paper! It’ll definitely help with accomplishing goals and checking things off my bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I’ve been wanting to do this so badly. Creating it in CANVA makes it SOOOO much easier for me to accomplish. Thank you so much for that idea. My birthday is next month so I am going to make this a birthday goal of mine. I’m really excited. Thanks!!

  8. I love this idea.
    I have been trying to write out my goals daily and quarterly but it hasn’t been as much of a daily thing as I wanted to to be.
    I hadn’t thought of using canva!
    Great ideas.

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