New Quarter, New Goals: Ending The Year Strong

new quarter, new goals

I’m sharing my new goals for the new quarter, but I want to look back on what I’ve achieved from January-September:

★ I uploaded a Skillshare course, which was later closed by the platform because I, unknowingly, violated their policy. I’ll be uploading a new one soon!

★ I created a account under my real name — a big deal for a private person like me who prefers to stay under the radar.

★ I’ve written about my goal achievement journey, whether it’s a success or a failure.

★ I started an Instagram account where I can showcase my social media marketing knowledge (but it’s on pause right now).

❤ And the best one to date, I gave birth to my daughter — the little person who’s pushing me to go for the goals every day.

New Quarter, New Goals: October-December 2021

We have 11 weeks and 6 days before the year ends, and as you may (or may not) know, I follow the 12-Week Year concept (to the best of my ability). I plotted and started working on these goals last week. and now I’m sharing them with you!

For the next 12 weeks, I want to achieve the following:

1. Release my second Skillshare course

2. Write 10 articles.

The Challenge of Essentialism That I’m Willing to Face

The book Essentialism talks about focusing on one thing. Focusing on the most essential task will help you make progress fast; working on several things at once will delay it. Take a look at the picture from the book for a clearer understanding:

Screenshot from Essentialism Book

The concept is easy to understand but difficult to apply. Both of my goals require a lot of outlining, writing, revising, recording, video editing, and marketing, so it’s not ideal to work on them at the same time.

I see the potential of Skillshare and Medium, but I can’t choose which one to focus on. I started my first Skillshare course and my account when I was pregnant, so why stop now?

My little girl is the reason I’m pushing through with both. My ultimate goal is to work less and less as she grows older because I want to devote my time and attention to her. I don’t want to be that parent who says “I’m sorry, baby, mommy has to work. I’ll play with you next time.”

New quarter, new goals, and new challenges. Accomplishing these goals is hard but so is sacrificing time for my family. I’m confident I’ll tick off these two things while raising a baby and working at least 6 hours daily. After all, that’s what this blog is about — showing everyone that achieving your goals is possible no matter what you’re facing right now, as long as you go for the goals every day.

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New Quarter, New Goals: Ending The Year Strong

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