Three Habits to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

What is your morning routine like? Not sure? Okay, before you continue reading, close your eyes and rewind a few hours back. What did you do the moment you opened your eyes this morning?

Did you turn off the alarm clock?
Did you grab your phone and check your notifications?
Did you get up at once to start your day?

Now, assess your day. Is everything going well? Or it’s as crappy as it can get? Good or bad, the rest of your day is determined by your morning routine.

If you start your day lazily checking notifications and scrolling down on social media, you can guess how your day would look like — distracted and unproductive. You ask your coworker about a project-related question and suddenly you find yourself talking about what happened last weekend. It’s like you’re just going with the flow.

Imagine if you start your day with a good routine: You wake up and do some stretching; prepare breakfast; take a bath and prepare for work. Everything is smooth. You’re so focused on what you would do next, so you don’t get distracted. If you ask your colleague about the project, you’ll get the answer but then will automatically go back to your seat. Because you have a project to complete.

See the difference between the two scenarios?

Three Habits to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

1. Meditate

Silence in the morning will give you clarity. You don’t know what challenges the day may bring, but your meditation practice will help you control how you’ll react to these challenges.

If you’re new to meditating, don’t expect to be “good” at it on your first try. Meditating is not that easy. Start with five minutes, then when you can comfortably sit still for five minutes without getting distracted, you can ramp it up to 10 minutes.

After sitting still for a few minutes, you’re sure to have a clear and fresh mind.

2. Read

Reading in the morning (after meditating) can help you retain more information. You can even share the new things you learned with the people you’ll be interacting with throughout the day. But, reading your friends’ social media posts doesn’t count!

If you read for 15-30 minutes every morning, you can finish two (or more) books in a month. So, choose a good book and start reading.

3. Get Moving

Exercise releases endorphins — the happy hormones! Training in the morning will boost your energy and make you happier throughout the day. And who wouldn’t want that, right?

Your morning routine sets the tone of your day. If you want to have a good day every day, you might want to rethink your morning routine.

Three Habits to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

7 thoughts on “Three Habits to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

  1. Great tips! I read and exercise but not usually in the morning since start work early and don’t have a lot of time. But meditating is something that sounds like a really good idea! I might just give it a try starting June. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Wow , it’s like you knew exactly what I needed to read today! Definitely experience both of those different days as a cycle. But you’re so right – it’s best to start your day with a push. get up, get moving, get going. great tips! super helpful! thanks so much!

  3. I feel like we are always running around, but lately, having more free time, I grew to appreciate a slower morning. These are three simple yet very important habits we should all at least try out! Thanks

  4. These are some great tips! I do start my day scrolling notifications and checking emails and guess what?!! I’m always distracted. I’m definitely going to try your morning routine. Thanks for the info

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