What’s New: Go for the Goals Update

It’s the second quarter of 2021, and I’m laying low on setting big goals this quarter… simply because I’m due to give birth on June 21, 2021 — just 48 days to go! I haven’t really written about my pregnancy in this blog because I’m a private person, but now, I’m writing about it. I decided to make my blog my personal journal. Initially, I created this blog to potentially earn money, but now, I’m making it my journal. Whether I’ll earn money from it or not, it’ll be okay.

The last quarter made me realize how I much I love blogging, but it has become burdensome for me because I don’t write what I want to say. I create a list of evergreen articles (by evergreen, it means articles that will be still be helpful a few years from now) to write about, and most of the time it requires research, so I decided to change my plans for Go for the Goals.


1. Focus of Go for the Goals

Pro bloggers advise wannabe bloggers to niche down. I’m too much of a multi-passionate to niche down, so I’ll be talking about goal setting and achievement on these two areas, health and wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be writing about other things that’s personal development-related… or anything life-related that will be useful for my readers.

2. Forget evergreen posts, I’ll write whatever I want

As I mentioned above, this will be my personal journal and I’m veering away from evergreen posts. BUT… the posts I’ll be writing about will still be as relevant to you as possible. By this, I mean that even if I write about my financial journey, I’ll make sure that you’ll still gain valuable insights that you can apply in your own journey.

3. Nothing’s impossible here!

Go for the Goals will be the place where I document my journey as I cross out things on my Impossible List. This list consists of goals related to health, wealth, community & service, life challenges, experiments that I want to accomplish. It’s called an impossible list, a term coined by Joel Runyon, because it’s an ever-growing list of things one wants to accomplish. Contrary to a bucket list, you continually add things you want to accomplish here (maybe after crossing out several things).

What’s New: Go for the Goals Update
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